Dabbl Frequently Asked Questions

These are the FAQs for users of the Dabbl app who want to get detailed answers about how things work in the app. We also have a FAQ for people who haven't used Dabbl yet and have bigger-picture questions.

What is Dabbl?

Dabbl is a mobile app that lets you earn money by completing simple, fun interactive games, quizzes, surveys, and tasks regarding the things you do everyday. This includes everything from what products and services you buy, to how you prefer to spend your downtime. We may also provide opportunities for savings or discounted products.

We are out to change digital advertising by including YOU, the consumer, in the process. Brands highly value your time and attention, so when they pay to advertise on Dabbl, we share it with you. Time is your most valuable asset…and time spent on Dabbl is #TimeWellSpent.

How much can I earn?

We have included a variety of content so there is almost always something new to do in the app every day. Check back daily and you have the opportunity to put a few extra dollars in your pocket every week or so.

How are my earnings tracked?

Earnings are accumulated through the use of points. As you accumulate points in the app, they are tracked and displayed at the top of your main Dabbl Feed, as well as in your profile information on the Earnings screen. To find the Earnings screen, simply tap on the earnings meter at the top of the Dabbl Feed screen. A view into your most recent earnings can be found under “My Recent Earnings'' on your Earnings screen.

How do I cash-in my earnings?

Earnings may be cashed in when you reach 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, or 20,000 points. As you reach an earnings milestone, you may choose from any of the available digital gift cards in the Dabbl network resulting in immediate delivery to your email address. To view the list of available gift cards, simply tap on ‘View Available Cards’ on the Earnings screen.

At 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 we offer bonus points to make it even more valuable for you to keep your points and go for those higher gift card amounts!

What is the Dabbl Referral Program?

Dabbl wants to pay you for sharing the Dabbl love with your friends! Tap on the ‘Earnings’ screen and ‘Refer a Friend’ to copy/share your personal link to Facebook, Twitter (or other similar social media) or via text or email.

How much can I earn from each Referral?

At this time, you will receive 2,000 points for each new user that you refer to the Dabbl app, up to a maximum of 20 new users! If you are an influencer or believe you may exceed the 20 user limit, please contact us to set up an affiliate relationship.

How do I get credited for a Referral?

When a friend or family member clicks on your personal URL, we link that person to your account. Once the new user has registered and earned their first 1,000 points, you will receive 2,000 points automatically!

How will the Referral credits show in my account?

There are multiple ways to confirm your Referral credits. First, we show all of your referred users and their status on the “My Recent Earnings” screen, navigable from the “Earnings” screen. Your referred users will show in this list, with an associated point total next to their phone number. If they have not yet earned the 1,000 points in the app, they will show as “Pending”. Secondly, we will notify you with an in-app milestone, congratulating you for this new Referral.

What information do I need to provide Dabbl to earn and redeem earnings?

When you initially download and open the app, you’ll be asked to provide and verify your telephone number. This allows us to ensure the proper app security and authenticate your account. An email address is required for digital gift cards delivery and related notifications. You may occasionally receive email alerts of upcoming content and/or product-related promotions.

Where does Dabbl get its experiences and other content?

The majority of Dabbl Experiences are sourced and created by Dabbl or businesses that Dabbl directly works with to advertise a product or service, or gain insights from Dabbl consumers. Dabbl also works with a variety of third party services - survey, ad, and offer providers, primarily - to activate more value and opportunities to earn in the Dabbl app.

What are Dabbl Experiences?

Our premium experiences are located in the ‘From Dabbl’ section at the top of your Dabbl app. These are premium experiences that we created specifically in partnership with Advertisers and Brands, and are designed to be fun and interactive while allowing you to provide valuable feedback to our partners. Some of the Interactive content formats you may experience include selecting a favorite of two images, answering a simple multiple choice question or viewing and rating a short video.

What are Dabbl ‘From the Web’ Ads?

‘From the Web’ are quick video ads from our preferred Ad networks partners. Available points are indicated with stars on the feed tile - the more stars, the higher the points!

What are Dabbl Surveys?

Dabbl Surveys are interactive polls and questionnaires brought to you by Dabbl market research partners. These surveys, when available, will be included in the Dabbl feed with a label of 'Surveys'. When you choose to interact with any of our surveys, you will be prompted to answer various research questions, which vary based on research objective.

How many Dabbl Surveys will I qualify for?

Survey availability will vary depending on available survey partners and their specific research objectives at any given time. In some cases, you may be asked a specific question about yourself that allows our research partners to determine if you should receive the survey or not. These 'qualifier' questions mean that some users will receive the survey, and some may not be eligible to receive the survey. In the event you do not qualify for that particular survey, Dabbl will give you a small amount of earnings for your time. If you do qualify for the survey and complete it, we'll award you a larger amount for your time and insights.

What if I have a question about a survey screen out or credit?

Your first step should be to check in with the survey partner directly. When you tap on their survey tile, you can navigate to your account, and then ‘Help’. Within that menu, they’ll provide you with the option to submit a question about earnings related to a specific survey. This will allow them to investigate and credit your account as needed.

What are Dabbl Offers and Tasks?

Dabbl Offers and Tasks is an offerwall that lists a variety of tasks or actions to be completed (outside of the Dabbl app) that have an associated point value. These are typically high effort/high reward opportunities, but many pay out very handsomely. All progress with these partners can be found within each tile, and points earned are found in ‘My Recent Earnings’.

What is Dabbl Extra Savings?

Dabbl Extra Savings is a list of deals, savings, and promotions from our advertisers. These provide discounts or limited time savings opportunities that are often exclusive to Dabbl. Simply click on the deal and learn about how to redeem and/or tap through from within the Dabbl app.

What are Dabbl Verified Purchases?

Verified Purchases enable you to earn points when you buy promoted items on Dabbl and confirm the purchase by uploading a paper receipt or verify it automatically with Dabbl Account Links (for select retailers).

How do I upload paper receipts to Dabbl?

When you purchase a Dabbl Eligible Product in store and obtain a paper receipt, simply tap ‘Capture Receipt’ on your main Dabbl feed. Snap a photo of your receipt, upload to Dabbl and points will be added to your account for all qualified items found. If no promoted items are included in the receipt, you may receive a small credit just for your time. Limits apply to the amount of credit earned for receipt uploads.

What are Dabbl Account Links?

With Account Links, earning for purchases you make at your favorite retailers can’t be any easier. Link your retailer account to Dabbl and once connected, you’ll be automatically notified each time you make a purchase at that retailer. Dabbl then scans the transaction for eligible products and automatically awards points to your Dabbl account. Wallah! If no promoted items are in the transaction, there may be a small credit applied just for your time.

How do I link my account?

To link your account, visit “Account Links'' from the feed, choose from the available list of retailers, and enter your credentials associated with your existing online/mobile account. If you don’t have an account with one of the available retailers, you can create a new one by visiting the retailer website. Once your account credentials are verified, Dabbl will begin to actively scan for purchases every time you shop.

For more information on retailer account links, visit the links below.

What does the ‘locked’ status on one of my accounts mean?

Many retailers will require entering a special access code in order to finalize the link connection. In this case, the link icon will turn orange, which signals that you need to tap to finish the connection. Tap on the icon to retrieve a passcode (via email or text, varies by retailer). After receiving the passcode, enter in the field provided and submit. Once the connection has been verified the account link status will become ‘active’.

How often will I receive Dabbl points for my retailer purchases?

Once you’ve linked a retailer account, you’ll be alerted via push notification/SMS with each retailer purchase/transaction. Dabbl sometimes will process the transaction within minutes of purchase, but please allow up to 2 hours to finalize. You can see the details of transactions in ‘My Recent Earnings’, under Receipts. If you feel there is a error in the transactions reporting, please send an email to support@getdabbl.com.

What are Dabbl Streaks?

Maintain a streak on Dabbl by checking in each day. The longer your streak goes, the more bonus points you earn…simple! To participate, open the Dabbl app and tap the check-in button located on your main feed. After your streak reaches 4 days, you’ll begin earning bonus points for ALL activity you do in the app. Dabbl Streak bonuses breakdown as follows:

  • Day 1 - 3: Tap check-in to qualify for the streak
  • Day 4 - 14: Get an additional 5% points bonus
  • Day 15 - 29: Get an additional 10% points bonus
  • Day 30+ : Get an additional 15% points bonus

When will I receive my Dabbl Streak bonus points?

During a streak, we’ll calculate your bonus points at 12:01 am PST (midnight) each day based on how much you earned during the previous day. For example, if you are one week into your streak (earning a 5% bonus) and earned 1,000 points that day on Dabbl, we’ll add 50 points to your account at 12:01 am PST (midnight) on the following day.

How can I make sure I stay active in the Dabbl Streak?

Keep your streak alive by tapping ‘Check-in’ on your main feed each day. The longer the streak, the more bonus points you earn on ALL activity in the app! After 90 days, your streak resets and you'll return back to earning 5% points bonus.

How can I change my password for the Dabbl app?

Tap the ‘Reset Password’ link on the sign in screen to verify your phone number and enter a new password. A new 4-digit SMS verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code in the Dabbl app to activate your new password. Note: if logged in, click the ‘Logout’ link on the bottom of the ‘Account’ screen before following the steps above.

Are there any restrictions to using the Dabbl app?

To use the Dabbl app, you must be at least 13 years of age, and provide a valid US-based cell phone number during sign up.

Are there any restrictions to how I choose and spend gift cards?

There are typically no purchase requirements to be aware of when using your gift card. Periodically, Dabbl may provide gift card specific experiences in the ‘from Dabbl’ section that link experiences with a specific gift card.

Do the gift cards expire?

Typically, gift cards have no expiration dates and should be treated as cash. Please review the specific terms and conditions provided by each network retail partner. These terms and conditions may be found in the app during the card selection process, as well as within the email when the gift card is delivered. Gift cards are treated like cash at the store you’ve chosen and should be safeguarded!

Does my Dabbl account ever expire?

Your Dabbl account will expire after 6months (180 calendar days) of inactivity, where inactivity means that you have not used the app or have uninstalled the app during that period. At that time, Dabbl will disable access to the account and archive all related personal information and app earnings.

Who should I contact if I have questions or issues with my Dabbl app?

For additional assistance with any of our partners, please contact them directly from within their tile within the Dabbl app. For questions regarding Dabbl functionality, app behavior, or gift card delivery please contact support@getdabbl.com. We will immediately review and respond to your email inquiry within 1 business day. Support hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard time.