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Dabbl is here to change digital advertising

2017-11-21 09:00:00

Digital advertising is broken, because ads are unseen, and unseen ads can’t create brand demand and preference. What went wrong? Depends who you ask. Brands feel neglected. Consumers feel disrespected. An uneasy tension exists on both sides. Consumers tune out, and brands make more noise.

Think back to the last time an ad interrupted you. Were you happy about it? Was it relevant? Did it offer anything close to value?

The assumption that the interruptive advertising of the past would continue to be acceptable in a digital context has cost brand equity, consumer trust, and lost margins and sales. The digital revolution that removed the barriers of entry, inventory and accessibility of traditional ads and accelerated the rapid rise of digital advertising also gave consumers the digital alternatives and tools to avoid interruption.

Brand marketers don’t set out to ruin an experience. They spend a great deal of time creating stories and experiences they hope will inspire consumers to do or feel something. But they have spent less time thinking about where and how the consumer will eventually experience that message.

As a result consumers feel exploited, undervalued and manipulated. So they opt-out of being interrupted by ads through ad-free paid services and ad blockers.

Dabbl was founded on the idea that there is a better way – that trust creates the highest value. Dabbl exists to empower consumers and brands to create trust and value through transparent, mutually beneficial and chosen experiences.

The first and only trustworthy attention marketplace for consumers and brands, Dabbl introduces the consumer to the advertising ecosystem as an equal and respected partner by letting consumers choose to interact with digital brand campaigns when they want and feel good knowing the brands they engage with value their time tangibly and transparently by paying them for it.

Brands create unique and engaging experiences. Consumers view, play and interact with those campaigns and are paid with a percentage of shared media revenue. It’s a simple and smart way for consumers to spend their downtime.   

Brands also get closer to their consumer than they’ve ever been before with real-time visibility into how consumers are interacting with their messages, and at a scale meaningful to their business.

Dabbl removes the tension between brands and consumers by providing a safe and fun space where they can get to know each other for mutual benefit in an attention marketplace. 

Are you ready to put some fun into your advertising experience? Why not give Dabbl a shot and let us know what you think.