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"I am still learning."

-Michelangelo, age 87

It's impossible to know everything because everything is always changing. This is a good thing. Continuous change opens the door for curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

The advertising and marketing industry has only just begun to question fundamental assumptions and models. It's an amazing opportunity, please join us...

Cheddar TV
Company News
Dabbl CEO appears on Cheddar TV

When you are sitting around with nothing to do, lots of consumers mindlessly pick up their phone and scroll on any one of their social media apps. That is why Dabbl wanted to optimize on this downtime.

Confused Woman
Sign of the Times
Taking back control over digital advertising

Some take brand safety for granted. The industry has become complacent and focused on tech advances to the detriment of transparency. In fact, the pendulum swung so far in the direction of automation that advertisers started losing control of their brands.

Calton Chan
Company News
Dabbl expands leadership team, appoints Calton Chan Chief Revenue Officer

Proven digital advertising sales leader to drive next phase of growth for emerging consumer attention marketplace.

Dabbl is Here
Dabbl Opinion
Dabbl is here to change digital advertising

Digital advertising is broken, because ads are unseen, and unseen ads can’t create brand demand and preference. What went wrong? Depends who you ask. Brands feel neglected. Consumers feel disrespected.

Facebook Viewability
Dabbl Opinion
Dabbl's response to Facebook's Video Ad Viewability Rates

Agencies are stunned at what they consider to be Facebook's low video ad viewability rates of 20 to 30 percent. Facebook says "the value of an ad is not binary". Dabbl says, unseen ads can't work - and two seconds is not enough to count as "seen".

Lightning Bolts
Sign of the Times
Apple makes announcement regarding autoplay ads

Apple announced at its annual developer conference that a forthcoming desktop version of its Safari browser will block the annoying autoplay ads that appear on many Web pages or before online videos.

eMarketer Chart
Sign of the Times
Ad fraud: Industry continues to push for greater accountability

Fears about ad fraud have been building as the methods for perpetrating fraud become more sophisticated. At the same time, the industry remains unsure of fraud's overall cost to the digital display advertising ecosystem.

Sign of the Times
Google plans ad-blocking feature in popular chrome browser

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop versions of its popular Chrome web browser, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

Marc Pritchard, CBO P&G
Sign of the Times
P&G's Marc Pritchard has made the biggest marketing speech in 20 years

Procter & Gamble chief brand officer Marc Pritchard laid into Google and Facebook’s ‘walled gardens’ and demanded transparency from the digital supply chain, heralding a new era in digital advertising.

Madison Avenue
Sign of the Times
Seeking better communication and more openness on Madison Avenue

After a damning investigation by a U.S. trade association, many big brands no longer believe agencies act in their best interest when buying online and TV ads on their behalf.

Sign of the Times
Setting it straight: Trust is better than transparency

The concept of trust and goodwill in relationships has been studied in depth. The best outcomes for all participants occur when the parties decide to trust each other.

Smiley Logo
Company News
Adjoy raises $6.8 million

The Tampa, FL company's new media platform redefines the last mile between consumers and marketers.